Sunday, 10 February 2019

Positive Vibes

We meet again after graduated during 6 years from vocational high school. Yaps , we rarely say where did we study for 3 years. Until now , some people ask to us where did we continue study Vocational High School although we have finished study in university.

For us and other friends even youth at least  17th  years old joined in no ideal school is difficult thing we received but when we studied for 3 years, we  always given support each other. 
Yes , we joined “ swasta” Vocational High School after we didn’t acceptance in ideal Vocational High School. hehehe

I remember,  we and other friends tried to followed competition and meet with other school in our city. We follow many competition and no one competition which we won.
Are you shame ? Yes of course, but didn’t make us given up and hopeless.

Finally she created history for our school. She won on writing competition at Yogyakarta. From there,  so much opportunity for following competition and  I sure to followed writing competition with other friends. We qualified and won two of competition.

After last examination we so confused to continue study or not. I think I didn't register university in that year because I have planned to look for a job first. We almost stopped but we registered in last deadline.  I registered in a university, test and accepted in there whereas my friend is decide to take employee class before she got a job.

This Afternoon , we back remember and telling story how do we meet , support each other , almost give up and back stronger to continue our study.

I learn confident is so expensive . You find that if you want to try. Even you in low point which make you better not even your circle but sure is your close friends. Wherever you life create positive vibes in your circle that change mindset , increase motivation and confident.

Left your insecurities and anxiety because if we think like that , we never get this story.

No one coffee is not enough to continue our story, we promised to meet again with good story.

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